Report on the results of resource assessment and experience sharing to implement the pilot program on methadone maintenance treatment for patients with opioid use disorders in Huoaphanh province, Laos

Continuing to provide technical assistance to pilot the methadone maintenance treatment (MMT) program for patients with opioid use disorders in Huoaphanh province, Laos, on the morning of December 19, 2022, Assoc. Prof. Le Minh Giang – Director of Vietnam International Technology Transfer Center (V-ITTC), Hanoi Medical University, and Dr. Nguyen Thi Minh Tam – Representative from the Department of HIV/AIDS Prevention and Control, Ministry of Health of Vietnam presented reports on the assessment results of the exchange visit back in August 2022, shared implementation experiences and some of the achievements achieved by Vietnam when implementing the MMT program. Moreover, the two experts made some recommendations when starting to implement the pilot program with many leaders and representatives from ministries and responsible agencies in Vientiane City, Laos.

In his presentation, Assoc. Prof. Le Minh Giang shared the assessment results on the resources to provide health care services for people who use drugs (PWUDs) in Huoaphanh province, addressed some difficulties and challenges, and suggested some recommendations when conducting the pilot program. With regard to V-ITTC, the group of experts from V-ITTC will continue to provide professional and technical support and coordinate with the Laos team to organize training courses for healthcare workers in Huoaphanh province to ensure the quality and sustainability of medical and mental care services for PWUDs.

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